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St Mary's Church at Wingham

Situated at Canterbury Road, Wingham CT3 1BB, on the A257, St Mary's is unusually large for a village church. It owes its size to the fact that it supported a college of priests in the Middle Ages. During the sixteenth century it was substantially rebuilt, but the north aisle was not replaced, reducing the church to the odd shape we see today. The unusual pillars which divide the nave from the south aisle are of timber, not stone, as a result of lack of money. At the end of the south aisle is the Oxenden chapel, which contains that family's excellent bull's head monument. The contemporary metalwork screens and black and white pavements add great dignity to this part of the building. By going through a curved passage from the chapel you can emerge in the chancel, which is dominated by a fifteenth-century stone reredos (screen). The church is open every day and visitors are welcome.